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Ordinary object with a twist of uniqueness. Your idea, logo, or team integrated into furniture, games, signs, etc.

The images you see in this section belong to a custom breakfast seating nook/storage area I worked not so long ago. I love the work and watching/working through transition from concept, to work bench to installation in the customers house, as with every project I do. 

Get in touch today and together we'll go over the details of your requirements and create an excellent and custom piece only for you or someone you want to gift it to.

Please Note: Generally, each project is custom quoted per individual creation with a base price of $65 per hour

$65.00 per hour of work

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Whether you're looking for information on Metal Art, Custom Furniture, custom woodworking including live edge builds, or even if you just want to make something awesome out of old materials you're trying to re-use, we're the ones to call! Leave your message here and we'll make sure to contact you as soon as possible!